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Would you pay a subscription for unlimited Virtual Console service? (Archived)
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It's sad how half of the top 10 games don't even exist!!! (Archived)
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I'm personally satisfied by the software support we're seeing for Wii U so far (Archived)
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Who beat Deus Ex HR on pc and can't wait for the fixed version? (Archived)
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Q2/Spring is starting; Do they even want this thing to succeed? (Archived)Boo Destroyer44/3/2013
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How are people claiming Wii U has no 3rd party support (Archived)
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Is Zen Pinball 2 supposed to be free? (Archived)
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Would you buy a real fighting game Smash Bros? (Poll)
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Any Wii U fans hyped for Injustice Gods Among Us? (Archived)
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Wii U wont turn off (Archived)cybersonic23344/3/2013
Wonder how long it will be before my Wii U will play some games. (Archived)
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Sign here if you are taking a stand. "Nintendo, we need Good Games!" (Archived)Bancario5154/3/2013
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