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Has anyone heard how frequently games will be released at the eShop? (Archived)JRulkiewicz212/30/2012
Name one flaw the Wii U has. (Archived)
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Question about zombiu :/ (Near end) (Archived)
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George Trevor2412/30/2012
Can't connect... :/ (Zombiu) (Archived)George Trevor612/30/2012
just bought scribblenauts for 25 is it worth it or? (Archived)Greek50212/30/2012
Game help (Archived)xxstickpplxx612/30/2012
Where is the club Nintendo # for Wii U? (Archived)lowuw412/30/2012
wiiu keeps disconnecting me (Archived)apples50712/30/2012
Crackling noise? (Archived)Mafiaman77793512/30/2012
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Where's the best place to buy the wiiu (Archived)xxxxxn312/30/2012
Can you link an eshop balance between the WII U and the 3DS? (Archived)Codarus412/30/2012
Probably a stupid question but can you use the classic controller pro on Wii U? (Archived)Edge4o7_812/30/2012
Is it me or is Black Ops 2 harder online on Wii U. (Archived)
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C/D: Super Smash Bros. U (Poll)Walkiethrougie812/30/2012
Little Inferno, or Mighty Switch Force? (Poll)
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You know what I wish remained a constant thing? Weather Channel. (Archived)Kisai912/30/2012
The Top 10 Most Wanted Dream Games for the Wii U - #2 Round 1 (Poll)Accrovideogames712/30/2012
Disappointed with the pro controller... (Archived)
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how do you set up the wired afterglow headset? (Archived)VaultBoy2010412/30/2012