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YR: Nintendo changes Wii U to block used games as do PS4 and XBOX One. (Archived)iKhanic85/23/2013
Is it safe to say we won't be getting Guilty Gear Xrd? (Archived)
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Man...Revelations is a fun game... (Archived)gameG3ni335/23/2013
One thing you want from third parties at E3. (Archived)
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Noticed gamefaqs has NBA 2k14 listed as a Wii U release this year... (Archived)fhsfootball7485/23/2013
how much space does the average save game take up? (Archived)manmouse45/23/2013
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Is the future of gaming tablet, mobile, and handheld based? (Archived)Sharky825/23/2013
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former ea ceo: Gamers will learn to love DRM (Archived)
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E3 Nintendo Direct Date & Time Confirmed! Hype Mode, Activate! (Archived)
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shigeru miyamoto's reaction to xboxone and name (Archived)Mozillla55/23/2013
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When you think about it, it really make sense... (Archived)sjc127915/23/2013
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