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Wonderful 101 - Native 1080p & 60fps? (Archived)
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Kamiya wins me over with Wonderful 101 (Archived)docman86468/9/2013
can you do any wonderful missions in the w101 demo? (Archived)thefabregas2238/9/2013
This console sure is getting beat down left and right. (Archived)
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Honestly does W101 really deserve its own nintendo direct? (Archived)
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Nintendo continues to sell Wii U hardware at a loss (Archived)
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Go on record with your prediction of the total number of sales by Dec 31st 2013 (Archived)
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Has Wonderful 101 racked up the most controversy as far as Nintendo games? (Poll)
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internet link selection question (Archived)leiterf38/9/2013
I don't understand why people always accuse Nintendo of sexism. (Archived)Dorami68/9/2013
There has not been a gen where nintendo didn't make the best 1 st party game. (Archived)
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Well, that new W101 trailer certainly piqued my interest as far as story goes. (Archived)Banjo2553108/9/2013
Those of us with the TW101 demo, let's share our impressions here! (Archived)
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I have to praise Platinum for getting every common racial characteristic correct (Archived)
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When will it release? I must have missed it... *rolls eyes* (Archived)cucumberking58/9/2013
do new Wii U's require an update before you can use them? (Archived)pkingdom38/9/2013
tw101 demo will be good for trolls (Archived)thefabregas2238/9/2013
Who Else Is awaiting Kirby U to be announced (Poll)
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Iwata says on NA Miiverse that Demo of W101 coming later today (Archived)jeffmusta48/9/2013
15 Uses???? Seriously Platinum :/ (Archived)wingo8488/9/2013