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If you missed this morning's Nintendo Direct, here's the youtube link. (Archived)1shadetail1311/13/2013
So is it safe to say this Sonic exclusivity deal was a bust? (Archived)
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Where does wwhd fall in eank with the other zeldas? (Archived)ninjaa1311/13/2013
Do the WiiU games have to be installed before you play? (Archived)shotgunheadshot711/13/2013
What do you think the next Wii U bundle will be? (Archived)SolarFlareKC611/13/2013
Rumors about Super Mario 3D World: It's too easy and shallow. (Archived)
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SSBU and 3D World are the only saving graces (Archived)
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I'm gay. What is there for me on WiiU? (Archived)
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Wii U - Friends Till the End! (Archived)
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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, on every system but Wii U... (Archived)
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Black Friday deals? (Archived)Wii_Truth411/13/2013
when people compare Nintendo and sony/microsoft... (Archived)
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So the GOAT Mario & Zelda games come out on the same day.. (Archived)The_Rami1011/13/2013
Did Nintendo stop making the Wii Fit U meters or something? (Archived)The_Rami211/13/2013
If the Wii U only ended up with 10 million LTD, would you consider it a success (Poll)Fusion916911/13/2013
The PERFECT SYSTEM and PERFECT GAME (Archived)chillv611/13/2013
Are you going to support Platinum Games? (Poll)
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Wait, what? is this for real? (Archived)
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Top 10 Megaman X Mavericks (Archived)Archangel489911/13/2013
Do you think big 3DS games will hurt Wii U sales? (Archived)
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