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Smash Brother WII U and 3DS Cover reveal from Nintendo Direct (Archived)firermx58/7/2013
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Your predictions for 8-7-13 Nintendo Direct? (Archived)
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Incoming Nintendo Direct! Tomorrow at 10 AM EST (Archived)
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My predictions for tomorrow's Nintendo Direct here! (Archived)PK_Wonder68/7/2013
I was surprised they didn't show super mario 3D world or DKC tropical freeze. (Archived)
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here der be trolls (Archived)
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Now I know what you're thinking - what did Adam Laz think about that ND? (Archived)
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wow European > American direct (Archived)
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Smash Bros: Luigi High Quality footage (Archived)duderdude318/7/2013
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Sony + Nintendo + Microsoft this Gen (Archived)
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Is anyone else getting Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party for the Wii U tomorrow?!? (Archived)_GamerGuyz_28/7/2013
Why does everyone think that nintendo will announce new games? (Archived)kingbadjo98/7/2013
how much did you guys in the states see? (Archived)thefabregas2248/7/2013