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You lost your entire console collection, what do you do? (Poll) (Poll)
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If there any excuse for a game not to look good at this point? (Archived)MetroidJunkie52/24/2013
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Kratos vs. Kirby? (Archived)
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Wait, the Wii U doesn't have Blu-Ray? (Archived)
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It feels like nintendo has abandoned the wii u (Archived)
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My TV's HDMI port broke... Will I be able to use the old Wii component cables? (Archived)OmarLexus52/24/2013
Once that Monolith Soft title is released.... (Archived)
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I hope Wii U gets more 3rd Party support. I don't truly understand some devs... (Archived)MrDrippy82/24/2013
The discs are so smooth! (Archived)
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