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Does anyone WANT photorealistic graphics? (Archived)
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can you use the wii u gamepad while (Archived)PinkestFloyd0742/21/2013
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Nintendo are a bunch of liars no foreseeable games to play (Archived)Murderstorm11792/21/2013
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It looks like Nintendo is screwed for the next 5-7 years (Archived)
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Can Wii U play Wii games ? (Archived)
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So I guess everyone is too young to remember the Xbox and PS2 (Archived)
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Wii U eShop EU Update (Archived)
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PS4 future-proofs with next-gen specs and tech; Wii U goes for tablet gaming? (Archived)
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Wait, why are people saying the PS4-Wii U is a small difference? (Archived)
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Does the WiiU have as good a 3rd party publishers and developers list as this? (Archived)
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will Wii U be cheaper to develop for (compared to PS4)? (Archived)
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