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I had a dream... (Archived)
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It's official, the Wii U is doomed. (Archived)
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would you please help me pick some games? (Archived)addisong89211/27/2013
Why the Wii U is actually a last-gen console (Archived)
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Does the disappointing Wii U sales mean the Wii really was a gimmick? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Full Throttle1511/27/2013
Why does everybody hate Wii U and wish it would die? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Good deal for Aussies (Archived)VanderZoo611/27/2013
Edge on sale for $1.99? (Archived)Trevor_Belmont511/27/2013
I can't help but feel like 70% of the posters on this board are this kid's alts (Archived)ThyImmolater811/27/2013
will u sales in japan are on par with teh vita why is this a bad thing? (Archived)
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ITT: Nintendo buys Capcom! (Poll)VideoGamer1990911/27/2013
What was your favorite Nintendo game released this year? (Poll)MordecaiRocks111/27/2013
I thought the N64 was pretty good (Archived)
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If the Ouya is Randy Savage, the Wii U is Ric Flair. (Archived)Dersu_Uzala511/27/2013
Trying to sell my Wii U (Archived)ThyImmolater411/27/2013
Nintendo World Store's Black Friday deals revealed (Archived)kdognumba1411/27/2013
This piece of crap doesn't work..(Link inside) (Archived)J4M35Z3RV05311/27/2013
Random Time! - Dr. Who star dresses up like Mario for...? (Archived)kdognumba1511/27/2013
N00b question about the controllers... (Archived)vballlover311/27/2013
ReviewTechUSA: "Nintendo Dropping Wii U Support = HORRIBLE IDEA" (Archived)
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