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Wii U direct complaints (Archived)
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I'm guessing that if the new 3D Mario and Mario Kart are playable at e3... (Archived)sejan1271/23/2013
A little off topic, but could someone answer this question about a receiver? (Archived)
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Balloon Fight is up. (Archived)darkjedilink21/23/2013
Wait, how long has Wind Waker for Wii U been announced? (Archived)milhouseVH21/23/2013
A website with a roundup of Wii U direct news (Archived)peacefulchaos11/23/2013
quite HOT... (Archived)fireblade_fff71/23/2013
ND Trailers Links (Archived)lt51961/23/2013
How can you be disappointed with that ND (Archived)AceProsecutor11/23/2013
Great nintendo direct (Archived)Gothmogz61/23/2013
"Tune up the overall game experience" = ??? (Archived)MrBanballow11/23/2013
Intelligent Systems is developing SMTXFE. (Archived)Chenmaster221/23/2013
Question before buying (Archived)Gothmogz71/23/2013
Wait - so Nintendo have versions of Zelda WW+TP+OoT+MM+SS in HD just sat there? (Archived)XXShadowLinkXX61/23/2013
Once again, Nintendo lies to us (Archived)pokemaster19191/23/2013
Well wonderful 101 looks significantly better than the version I played (Archived)Kuebel3331/23/2013
Monolithsoft made me wet my pants (Archived)
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Just bought Balloon fight for 30 yen! (Archived)Evil_Gogeta41/23/2013
I'm sorry, that nintendo direct really was disappointing... (Archived)
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Anyone else like the fact that Iwata was clearly loving it? "And finally..." (Archived)XXShadowLinkXX41/23/2013