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nintendo won this generation (Archived)
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I think Assassin's Creed is a pretty cool guy. (Archived)
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The Truth Is: Wii U will dominate New Generation (Archived)
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What is your one word to describe the Wii U? (Archived)
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The Top 10 Most Wanted Dream Games for the Wii U - Round 3-3 (Poll)Accrovideogames101/12/2013
Wii U should have shipped with a new Zelda (Archived)
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Wii U-890,000 sales in the US in just over a month (Archived)AceAndJunpei91/12/2013
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Nintendo makes gaming consoles, Microsoft and Sony make multimedia devices. (Archived)
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Problem with SD card reader not reading it. (Archived)sakaraux51/12/2013
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