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Are wii u disc's made out of something different than other system's? (Archived)
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Which is your favorite Mario Kart Bowser Castle stage? (Archived)Second_Hokage28/15/2013
Thinking about getting a Wii U. (Archived)Diayamondo108/15/2013
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Project Phoenix Director's thoughts on Nintendo. (Archived)
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Do you think the gamepad is really worth basing a console around? (Poll)
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Any deals going on, or coming up? (Archived)EastCoastKody38/15/2013
WiiU the only console with DRM now? (Archived)BkzIzu98/15/2013
What do you think of this idea? (Archived)
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Anyone else getting Hello Kitty Kruisers? (Archived)Rad_Dudesman48/15/2013
Is the wii u the most asthetically boring of the three consoles? (Archived)
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anymore talk of n64/GC games to VC?? (Archived)TheRealistKilla38/15/2013
I thought Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails was coming out this week. (Archived)GloryChaos18/15/2013
Really enjoyed the Wonderful 101 demo..................... (Archived)
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Sonic Lost World will be the first Sonic game I'm gonna play (Archived)Numbuh10078/15/2013
Is there any video of the Wonderful 101 demo thay has good quality? (Archived)7lightsXIII38/15/2013
Anyone have a Prime Trilogy save with everything unlocked? (Archived)Banjo255328/15/2013
I can't wait to see Nintendo fully expand Wii U VC (Archived)LIsJustice68/15/2013
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