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The fact that you can control your character in Mario World 3D with a Wiimote.. (Archived)
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Longtime gamer here , interested in buying a Wii U. (Archived)
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Nintendo uploading single-game Directs on their youtube channel! (Archived)
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Umm... I'm pretty sure Nintendo will release the real sequel to Galaxy later... (Archived)
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Well, it took a year, but I will finally be happy to have a Wii U! (Archived)Swan362466/11/2013
ok, Nintendo. you sold me on the Wii fit girl (Archived)
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Wii Fit Girl Announced for Smash Bros! (Archived)reverence2726/11/2013
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I'm sorry - that Wii Fit U character announcement in SSB is a slap in the face (Archived)
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How long is the Nintendo Direct tomorrow (Archived)
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All four Oddworld games are likely coming to the Wii U in HD. (Archived)EternalWolf16/11/2013
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