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So what big announcements have we had in Nintendo Directs? (Archived)Benzychenz51/22/2013
ND Announcement of accomplishment system? Heres to hoping... (Archived)
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This board convinced me to go and return the Wii U I got for X-mas. (Archived)
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Nyko Pro Controller (Archived)nickvd831/22/2013
Rumor: Resident Evil 2 Remake getting announced for Wii U tomorrow (Archived)
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Why aren't more people buying the Wii U? (Archived)
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Zelda should have guns by now... (Archived)
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I would like to see a new Star Fox game for the Wii U. (Archived)GQVikesFan81/22/2013
Do you guys think Nintendo will announce a Wii U GamePad XL at the next E3? (Poll)Solnot81/22/2013
So many similarities to the dreamcast. Wii U= dreamcast 2 (Archived)
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The fact that Ni No Kuni Desu is not coming to Wii U ... is OFFENSIVE (Archived)
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Bought a Wii U with the Best Buy deal yesterday (Archived)jeffmusta41/22/2013
What's the battery life of the Wii U Pro controller? (Archived)Solnot21/22/2013
I'm sure pikmin 3 release date will be announced tomorrow (Archived)andizzle2966251/22/2013
Will Pikmin 3 have support for online multiplayer? (Poll)Solnot31/22/2013
I fail to understand the whole, "Wii-U has no online" thing... (Archived)
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Picking one of these up soon. Does it run games 1080p natively? (Archived)Sipher36071/22/2013
After a few months, my GamePad has fixed itself. (Archived)15RC11/22/2013
Halo or Metroid? (Poll)
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Will Nintendo drop the price of Wii U if PS4 and Xbox 720 launch at same price? (Poll)Solnot81/22/2013