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So did the conference finish? What was revealed? (Archived)GGearX16/11/2013
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Wasn't this just the first of 2-3 NDs for E3? (Archived)DiscostewSM56/11/2013
MY GOD THE HYPE MEGAMAN Nintendo WIN'S gg sony and MS (Archived)
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Megaman in smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)yesterdayshero26/11/2013
Not trying to nitpick but I heard this Direct was supposed to be an hour long? (Archived)XXShadowLinkXX16/11/2013
Any link to the full video? Only caught the tail-end of the ND (Archived)Ippyn16/11/2013
Guys...guys... nintendo will dominate... (Archived)kyomagi46/11/2013
So basically nothing new except for DKCR2. (Archived)DeathSoul200076/11/2013
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