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One of the deciding factor for me to get XSnow-Dust12/13/2014
Stuff that you want Nintendo to announce tomorrow, but know that they won't.
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When is the Wii U direct?hellbringher52/13/2014
Anyone watched japan nintendo direct today? Bayonetta 2 jap is coming in summer.sjc1279102/13/2014
Missed the ND today,did it save the Wii U?
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How Could People Feel Disappointed?
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So how does the Wii U gamepad work?alexg198972/13/2014
yet again, nintendo proves they listen to fans
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Super C is available today!RahzarX52/13/2014
So no SMB3 at all for the Wii U/3DS eshop?SeamusOHassey92/13/2014
Think we will finally see TLoZ U this E3?IzanagiBlast22/13/2014
Who's gonna play Golden Sun on their TV when GBA VC comes out?21_2132/13/2014
So let's see we have DK in February, MK in May, Bayonetta 2 and SB in 2014.Chenmaster232/13/2014
So, what's next for the Wii U?Transdude62/13/2014
Ok ok I'll say it: Nintendo, thanks for the news :)felipin2412/13/2014
This direct had way too much unnecessary fluff.iKhan8862/13/2014
Nintendo...that reference in the new Steel Diver made me laugh.Banjo255322/13/2014
Across all systems, what games are you interested in for this year?lowell66652/13/2014
Does anyone feel that Wii U owners are being spited in favor of 3DS?
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So. Monolith, next level, and platinum tell us to watch the direct...
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