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April update date prediction. (Archived)Shadow_Mario0154/15/2013
Would the Wii U have been better without the 2nd screen and better hsrdware? (Poll)
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Honest question: Anyone else sick and tired of first-party titles? (Archived)
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SD Card Slot (Archived)Neo_Heartless24/15/2013
Nintendo 1st party games won't be able to save Wii U (Archived)
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Should nintendo buy more studios? (Archived)
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Need recommendations on eshop games (Archived)Candido122564/15/2013
Do you keep your Wii U on its side or upright? (Poll)
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Do you dislike reality in games? (Poll)
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If I already bought it once, Nintendo should honor it all consoles (Archived)Sharky834/14/2013
Grabbing a WiiU tomorrow. What else do I need? (Archived)
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Nintendo has lost it. (Archived)Dashbe104/14/2013
Playing Wii VC games on the Wii U (Archived)MrREDPEN44/14/2013
NSMBU is the best Mario game on the Wii U! (Archived)fhsfootball7454/14/2013
Wii U is part of a long, proud tradition;Sony & Microsoft are just followers (Archived)
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Headphone jack isn't fitting (Archived)flip_tiger14/14/2013
NSMBU is fantastic. (Archived)
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