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What's up with all the Square-Enix topics? Did we get some news? (Archived)
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Upcoming Wii U title that you're most excited for? (Poll)
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If Wii U Games Were Honest (Archived)
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Gotta love that flagpole Nintendo has been giving us since SM3DL. (Archived)
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Can you play WII virtual console titles off an external hard drive? (Archived)ShadowKing01106/22/2013
Do you think any wii u game this year will be a system seller? (Archived)
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Can naughty dog save the wii U? (Archived)
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Possible Gamepad Screen Defect (Archived)CLWakaLaka26/22/2013
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I'm not a big fan of the direction Super Mario 3D World is taking. (Archived)
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Would todays gamers have any hope VS NES Tyson? (Archived)nb003_9996/22/2013
If nintendo was really doing bad then where is there back up plan? (Archived)MoonBound16/22/2013
The next few months will be crucial and first party games will boost sales (Archived)
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