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If we ever get Gamecube VC games, how much do you think they'll cost? (Archived)
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Need for Speed Wii U is 29.99 on Origin btw (Archived)
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Wii U allows recording quality of 1080p@30fps (Archived)Waggy1713/21/2013
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Glad Nintendo didn't do this..... (Archived)
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Deep Silver: Dead Island not worth it on the wii u. (Archived)
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Console power is important, and here's why (Archived)
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Lego Undercover in #2 spot. Something wrong with this.... (Archived)
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You think we'll finally get true multiplayer in Super Mario U? (Archived)wiiking96103/21/2013
Is it worth trading in my ps3 and wii for a wiiu now? or... (Archived)sonicrock53/21/2013
If I buy a retail game, play it, return it, and download the digital version... (Archived)shayminguy723/21/2013
UK eShop users rejoice (Archived)
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