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Cranky is going to be OP (Archived)Bloodychess112/7/2013
3D World will not win GOTY (Archived)
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We all knew it would be DK, you just didn't want to admit it (Archived)CrystalKing5426112/7/2013
WOOOOO CRANKY KONG revealed! (Archived)EasterEggHunter112/7/2013
Cranky plays like Scrooge in Ducktales. (Archived)SalsaSavant112/7/2013
LIVE VGX COVERAGE discussion! (Archived)selfdeztruction312/7/2013
donkey kong (Archived)thefabregas22212/7/2013
craigslist is such a tease (Archived)versaln212/7/2013
Can I use the gamepad charger with my 3DS? (Archived)ManuKesna312/7/2013
Did anyone bring this up yet regarding VGX? (Archived)
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You know what's going to bother me about VGX? (Archived)
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New Nintendo franchise... (Archived)endoflevelboss212/7/2013
So when will the announcement be? (Archived)Poweranimals712/7/2013
'Holiday' e-shop music is far too happy. (Archived)New Link712/7/2013
Where to watch the VGX stream via Wii U? (Archived)SSBCandidates212/7/2013
So, it's gonna be a previously announced Wii U game. What do you think it is? (Poll)liveman789212/7/2013
VGX 2013 stream live now! (Archived)ganonhateslink212/7/2013
Is arkham Origins worth it? (Archived)Voelger812/7/2013
Your reaction: VGX event will be Reggie playing wii fit while wearing spandex (Archived)kukingina2712/7/2013
As of now do you feel that the Wii U is a better console than it's predecessor? (Poll)
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