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I'm getting a Wii U on Saturday! (Archived)Microelectrode610/4/2013
Top 3 Kirby games that NEED to be made! (With your imput) (Archived)
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Has anyone tried the Afterglow Wii U controllers? Are they good? (Archived)Transdude710/4/2013
Why do you think Nintendo is afraid to give Mario new world themes? (Archived)wiiking96810/4/2013
Super Mario 3D World is a rehash? Stephen Totilo from Kotaku disagree's... (Archived)
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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 50% off (Archived)ljkkjlcm9910/4/2013
Wii U owners with young kids (Archived)Dangerboy22710/4/2013
I made the mistake of getting DC Scribblenauts (Archived)Mikeisapoet410/4/2013
Do you believe Wii.U should get a 2DS equivilent? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger810/4/2013
Sooo.... where's the official extended gamepad battery? (Archived)
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Indie titles that you are excited for/not? (Archived)mcnichoj310/4/2013
WTF? You can't get the other Final Fight titles for 50% off? (Archived)Zellio2014110/4/2013
So. They disk version of WWHD has no slowdown? (Archived)
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using extended gamepad battery in North American Wii U (Archived)stop3510/4/2013
2 Kickstarter games coming to the Wii U (Archived)
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So wait...for windwaker (Archived)linkrules2610/4/2013
Just noticed something, why is the text always getting smaller in games? (Archived)
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i know wii u is surging and many new ppl so heres a small guide to help (Archived)
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Companies go to what people accept (Archived)quickposter310/4/2013
How far away can you take your Gamepad away from the console? (Archived)
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