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No sound when turning my TV on with WII u gamepad (Archived)
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C/D The best thing about Wii Remote/Nunchuck is... (Archived)trenton9793/20/2013
The only thing that will get me to buy a Wii U is another Punch-Out game (Archived)
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help getting my sound set up (Archived)
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I finally used the Wii to Wii U System Transfer last night. Didn't expect that! (Archived)
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So, what did you buy this week? (Archived)
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Gamepad Repair? (Archived)
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Is tekken tag tournament any good? (Archived)
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I really hope the Zelda demo we saw isn't indicative of what we'll see in-game.. (Archived)
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After using BC did the Wii have the best games last gen? (Archived)
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