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Any controller that works like the Interworks pro controller SHOULD work? (Archived)Shadow7527/19/2013
Okay. I have 425 saved. Ps4 is sold out till next year (Archived)
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Were The Deadzones In Resident Evil Revelations Ever Fixed/Patched? (Archived)Jiryn37/19/2013
Earthbound survey? (Archived)FAT____MAN47/19/2013
WiiU would be amazing for... (Archived)Emeraldrox67/19/2013
Is there supposed to be 2 lights on when I turn it off (Archived)razid97/19/2013
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer (Archived)
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We all agree the name Wii U could have been better... What should it have been? (Poll)
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Be honest, how many of you spend..... (Archived)
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never seen so many people complain about something they weren't gonna buy before (Archived)
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Do you think Earthbound will get the Super Mario RPG treatment? (Archived)SMRPGFAN101107/19/2013
For those of you who are playing Earthbound for the first time. What are your... (Archived)CloudStrife63067/19/2013
Wii U must have some serious differences from current gen machines. (Archived)Raider12567/19/2013
To those of you calling EarthBound's gameplay "outdated"... (Archived)
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I bet they release a 3D Earthbound for Wii U. (Archived)
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Another Club Nintendo discussion: who's gotten the reversible pouch? (Archived)
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Nintendo buys Altus , they start developing on... (Archived)Kiurx107/19/2013
People who complain about the price are trolls, people who don't are fanboys. (Archived)Vidgmchtr57/19/2013
Does Nintendo seem less kiddy on handhelds? (Archived)
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Why does nintendo only show commercials on kids channels? (Archived)Murderstorm11727/19/2013