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Wii U January sales: worse than Xbox 360's and PS3's worst months (Archived)
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Sony not invetsting in tablet gamepad for console gaming and its a blow to Wii U (Archived)
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AH yes I remember my fanboy days... (Archived)kingbadjo42/15/2013
Best TV for wii u? (Archived)
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When you hear a game's title for the Wii U, where they stick a U at the end (Archived)
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I just thought of the #1 reason why Bayonetta 2 will stay Wii U exclusive. (Archived)KroganBallEater82/15/2013
i was not here for other launches..... how are PS4/Xbox going to have ANY games? (Archived)
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Good News: Wii U sold 55k in january (Archived)
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I Might be Getting a WiiU Sunday :D (Archived)
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Why couldn't Nintendo have just waited a year or two? (Archived)
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Luigi gif (Archived)game200242/15/2013
I guess that's what happens when you rely on casuals to sell your system (Archived)My_Unit22/15/2013
The Wii didn't really take off until 3 years after release (Archived)Darkside_Shadow82/15/2013
My prediction (Archived)Darkstorm1612/15/2013
The Wii U Genie (Archived)iKhanic102/15/2013
Wait so what was announced at nintendo direct yesterday? (Archived)kingbadjo42/15/2013
I really don't understand. (Archived)
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Did the 3ds die? NAW. Will the wii u die? NAW (Archived)Jonbazookaboz12/15/2013
Another Kickstarter RPG: CRYAMORE! (Archived)
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Am I missing something? Selling 50k in one month is a bad thing? (Archived)
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