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Are you downloading new super luigi U or waiting for the boxed copy? (Archived)
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Top selling Wii U game only sells 1,000 copies in the UK. (Archived)__Cam__85/17/2013
Wii U vs. The Internet (Archived)miliniumeye85/17/2013
What Nintendo Wii U game are you most excited to see at E3? (Poll)zachflash65/17/2013
New Super Luigi U to get physical disc release?!?! WTF?!?! (Archived)
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I Imagine a street brawl between EA and Nintendo executives. (Archived)metazim5315/17/2013
Sumo Digital wants to settle who wins a Kart Race... (Archived)The_Shadow_Link55/17/2013
Nintendo should sue EA,NFL,Fifa,NHL. Time to make some noise! (Archived)
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Do you guys think Nintendo will make next year called "Year of the Peach"? (Archived)Solnot15/17/2013
Nintendo Direct impressions (Archived)
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I didn't know Ea employed trolls from this board (Archived)
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Is Activision still supporting the Wii U? (Archived)Solnot95/17/2013
Did Nintendo kill people's mothers or something? (Archived)
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Will the Wii U be as fondly remembered as the DC years after it is discontinued? (Archived)War_Fail35/17/2013
Game Industry: Nintedo Wii U, Death by Apathy (Archived)
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*applauds* Nintendo finally got my attention on the Wii U today. (Archived)GradyHoover75/17/2013
How long will some people keep saying the EA vitriol isn't about Origin? (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom45/17/2013
This has got to be the most disappointing Nintendo Direct I've seen. (Archived)
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The one game I would buy a Wii U for (Archived)leon_trunks25/17/2013
PSA: Nyko Wii U Power Pak releases tomorrow (Archived)MilesTeg420105/17/2013