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I have to praise Platinum for getting every common racial characteristic correct (Archived)
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When will it release? I must have missed it... *rolls eyes* (Archived)cucumberking58/9/2013
do new Wii U's require an update before you can use them? (Archived)pkingdom38/9/2013
tw101 demo will be good for trolls (Archived)thefabregas2238/9/2013
Who Else Is awaiting Kirby U to be announced (Poll)
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Iwata says on NA Miiverse that Demo of W101 coming later today (Archived)jeffmusta48/9/2013
15 Uses???? Seriously Platinum :/ (Archived)wingo8488/9/2013
So which games are ya looking forward to see at Gamescom? (Archived)zerooo038/9/2013
When are we going to hear this Platinum announcement? (Archived)nikling58/9/2013
The Price is Right - Wii U (Archived)jaymart_2k48/9/2013
Are people playing the race and sex cards against W101 going to stop you buying? (Poll)
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Lol oh kamiya (Archived)kukingina298/9/2013
101 demo downloading NOW!! (Archived)
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The Wonderful 101 Direct -Thread- (Archived)
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Regarding TVii... (Archived)ElvisH8858/9/2013
Would you buy Twilight princess remake with voice acting? (Archived)
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I can't believe I got this console for W101... (Archived)DesperateMonkey28/9/2013
Rumor: If you don't get Wonderful 101, you have no soul (Archived)-NotoriousLynx48/9/2013
When does The Wonderful101 launch? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee48/9/2013
Where's the promised Drawing App for today? (Archived)jaymart_2k58/9/2013