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If Epic was ignoring the Wii u due to underpowered, why do they ignore the PC? (Archived)
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Still waiting for DoA5U (Archived)YoyokuKO104/5/2013
Hypothetically if Nintendo ever does drop from the hardware race, (Poll)fon198884/5/2013
Nintendo wasted the head start they had on the competition (Archived)Murderstorm11754/5/2013
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Accessing Wii Eshop (Archived)donnbobhardy24/5/2013
If you're against DRM, are you FOR piracy? (Archived)RahzarX34/5/2013
"Should Iwata be fired/retire from his position?" (the BLACKB0ND video version) (Archived)NamcoMuseum2104/5/2013
I'm white, but I will admit, the Japanese always "get" video games (Archived)
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Where is the wii u eshop located? (Archived)Gallusz74/5/2013
Batman Armored the GotY edition? (Archived)MrDrippy104/5/2013
Should Iwata be fired/retire from his position? (Poll)
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Club Nintendo keeps offering 3DS incentives but no Wii U promotions? WHY? (Archived)Sharky854/5/2013
Maybe Nintendo of America should sell the Seattle Mariners and focus on games (Archived)
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Retro Studios News, haters get punched in the mouth (Archived)
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Best RPG? (Last Gen) (Archived)
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What is the Wii U's primary intended audience? (Poll)
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Where are the AAA games? (Archived)legnaleugim200394/5/2013
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How long have you had your Wii U? (Archived)
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