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The Wii U doesn't have a 3rd party problem. (Archived)
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So, Wii U owners, do you prefer Wii U's tablet more than Wii remote? (Poll)
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Name one thing that will justify your Wii U purchase! (Archived)
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Wii U Weekly Deals: Injustice Gods Among Us $49.99, Arkham City $32.98 and more (Archived)wrhd75/12/2013
Do you think Wind Waker HD will be different than original? (Poll) (Poll)
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Heres the wii u gamecube controller adapter. (Archived)
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Honestly Super Mario World on the couch with this thing is worth it. (Archived)
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Predict- what's going to be the first truly massive must have system seller? (Archived)
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People that have been downloading the free version of Tank! Tank! Tank! (Archived)
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