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Did you/are you getting Lego Ctiy: Undercover? (Poll)
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ITs fun to be secretive. (Archived)protect_badgers73/16/2013
Is this a good Wii U deal to buy? (Archived)
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Keep your head up. (Archived)protect_badgers33/16/2013
Limited number of blocks on main screen (Archived)Brent062073/16/2013
Do you think in the future new Ultimate alliance , Xmen legends type games .... (Archived)bleachgamer333/16/2013
Wished Ni No Kuni was on the Wii U for off screen play. (Archived)
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Tried the Rayman Legends demo at Best Buy and WOW! (Archived)SegavsCapcom53/16/2013
I remember the Nintendo fanboys making fun of the Vita sales in the Vita board. (Archived)
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Lets take on Pachter (Archived)squatch22103/16/2013
its not wii u hardware thats keeping 3rd party support away (Archived)tiamat99953/16/2013
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Nintendo Direct (Archived)
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I want a GOOD 007 game on WiiU. (Archived)
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Not sure whether to get a Wii U (Archived)
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Wanting to buy a Wii U (Archived)ryan_eyeball43/16/2013
If console makers really want to innovate their systems why don't they..... (Archived)BrokenBandit8493/16/2013
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What if the Wii U was released as the Wii and the Wii as the Wii U? (Archived)DaLastBoss33/16/2013
I bought a Wii U today (Archived)
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