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List/Rate your Wii U collection (Archived)
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What happens if I put a DVD movie in my Wii U? (Poll)Jx1010612/2/2013
Do you think Wii U is gonna pull half a 3DS? (Poll)Jacob46719312/2/2013
More random sales facts (Archived)
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Why is everyone comparing Nintendo to Daenerys? (Archived)
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Nintendo is NOT going to release a Wii U without the Gamepad. (Archived)
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Will Nintendo do it again? (Archived)
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Youtube Video Viewing on Gamepad (Archived)AK_the_Twilight912/2/2013
which Mario game did you enjoy more than 3d world (Archived)ninjaa1612/2/2013
any good party games? (Archived)CarlBarker512/2/2013
0.21% of the UK own a wii U. 0.18% of NA own an xbone. (Archived)Jonbazookaboz912/2/2013
What are you hoping for Nintendo's VGX surprise to be? (Poll)liveman789512/2/2013
"Nintendo consoles sold poorly in the UK, except for Wii". . . (Archived)REAL_kielbasa812/2/2013
So... kids these days. (Archived)
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How do Wii games look on a Wii U compared to let's say.... (Archived)
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what came first, Deku Scrubs or calling someone a scrub? (Archived)reptileegg312/2/2013
Skylanders Giants Bundle - what's in it? (Archived)Skygor_II312/2/2013
The Wii U will hit its stride once Super Smash and Zelda come out (Archived)Poll5253112/2/2013
I think all of this UK sales talk is really annoying (Archived)
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How can I use the gamepad as a sensor bar? (Archived)ninjaa11012/2/2013
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