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I wonder if Nintendo will add Wii games to their digital service (Archived)
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Anyone noticed how almost all wii u games are dirt cheap now? (Archived)
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I'm not going to be able to get Surround Sound from my Wii U, right? (Archived)TheAbuMan78/7/2013
something's up with smash bros today "proof inside" (Archived)
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Think of a Nintendo-related character before entering this thread. (Archived)
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Selling Mario Kart 7 (3DS) in order to get Sonic All Star's Racing (Wii U). (Archived)
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No picture when trying to use an old TV (Archived)Gustave65248/7/2013
For all those who are looking at the Wii U sales (Archived)
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Anyone like the smell of newly opened game cases? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion98/7/2013
just a heads up, Darksiders 2 is 14.99 used with free shipping @ gamefly (Archived)oldhbk7678/7/2013
Be honest, who do you think will come last this gen? (Poll)
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who took advantage of the wii u sale up north? (Archived)oldhbk7688/7/2013
Why don't Nintendo make their hardware on pair with PS and XB? (Archived)
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nintendo direct POLL time! (Poll)druskie88/7/2013
For those who bought Pikmin 3... (SPOILERS) (Archived)7lightsXIII48/6/2013
Co Op in next Zelda. (Archived)YAYSAY68/6/2013
Anyone like the smell of newly opened GameFAQs topics? (Archived)WillWare58/6/2013
Which is the main reason (In your opinion) why third parties avoid the Wii U? (Poll)
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Explain To Me How Only 2 Games Have Ever Sold A Majority Of A Console's Sales (Archived)
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Reggie read my lips: LOWER. THE. PRICE. (Archived)
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