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Any FROM Software games coming to WiiU? (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire91/24/2013
Are mario and zelda the only franchises nintendo cares about now? (Archived)
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Awesome idea by Nintendo to do HD remakes (Archived)
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Game you're most excited about (Nintendo Direct) (Poll)
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Your reaction: Zelda U turns out to be Zelda's Epic Yarn. (Archived)
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Why the lack of The Wonderful 101 hype? (Archived)
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Bayonetta 2 more action packed! SSB4! Celda:WW < Zelda:WW HD! (Archived)
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Nintendo = Forgiven. They are Awesome!!! (Archived)
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How much will n64/gamecube games be to rebuy the version you own from Nintendo? (Archived)
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