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Anyone here old enough to remember the Nintendo game tip 900 hotline? (Archived)
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Resident Evil Revelations uses Wii U gamepad only (Archived)hellbringher82/12/2013
The Top 10 Most Wanted Dream Games for the Wii U - Round 9-2 (Poll)
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Nintendo needs a hyperbolic time chamber quick before the invaders arrive (Archived)HELZERO22/12/2013
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I guess Aliens: CM will not be showing the TRUE power of Wii U after all... (Archived)
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ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES will be the game that saves Wii U (Archived)SonOfSolid42/12/2013
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Japan needs to work on these updates (Archived)iNikeOne12/12/2013
So will Nintendo survive on just first party titles... (Archived)
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3rd party companies don't know what they want (Archived)
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Is mass effect 3 on the eshop? (Archived)Chargrilled52/12/2013
Rayman Legends being ported is a good thing, now PS3 and 360 owners get to enjoy (Archived)
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question about Wii U virtual council (Archived)
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Registering downloaded games and the Wii U on club nintendo (Archived)TheFallenPriest42/12/2013
Anybody have recommendations on a hard drive? (Archived)Dinglesteed52/12/2013
Pokemon Scramble U announced in the new CoroCoro. (Archived)
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Battlefield 4 and Modern Warfare 4 listed for Wii U (Archived)
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