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Ouch a lot of negativity today... and this week... (Archived)
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The one thing I found annoying is people saying the WiiU is weaker then PS3/360. (Archived)twa55647/9/2013
"Super Mario Bros. on the NES was hard" (Archived)
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"Why do I have to format my USB storage device?" (Archived)
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So I finally got my copy of Melee to work again... (Archived)
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How the eff do you turn the auto-off on the pro controller? (Archived)EdHarvey47/9/2013
okay, I lied. (Archived)
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I'm confused on with the Wii menu and the VC games.... (Archived)El Mexicano Texano67/9/2013
If TW101 was part of a CN promo similar to the FE:A and SMTIV $30 eShop deal... (Poll)MilesTeg42067/9/2013
Nintendo won't let Evo stream Smash Bros (Archived)Ryu X57/9/2013
Nintendo to announce secret "Brand-new types of games" for WiiU soon. (Archived)
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Why do I get fuzzy lines across the screen in Wii mode? (Archived)knightmere12247/9/2013
Nintendo is doomed (Archived)overmaxx97/9/2013
We need a GGearX topic or an a button topic. (Archived)trenton9737/9/2013
Ubisoft says ZombiiU not profitable, not even close. No sequel planned. (Archived)
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I think third parties are in for a rude awakening next gen (Archived)
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Wii U Pro Controller to PC (Archived)
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favorite of current gen :: favorite of next gen (Poll)
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New characters coming to injustice at EVO, who would you like added? (Archived)
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You know the 2nd Monolith Soft's X's trailer? (Archived)Numbuh10067/9/2013