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"Wii U is selling well. Nintendo is doomed". (Archived)
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Pre-emptive strike: Resident Evil Anniversary probablly won't be on Wii U (Archived)SuperShyGuy900021/8/2013
So I was looking at naked girl on my Wii U when I heard my Mom approaching (Archived)DDP88691/8/2013
Rectangular Symbol on Gamepad (Archived)IceDreamCastle31/8/2013
Do you think Nintendo lost money with the Basic? (Archived)Sailor Goon31/8/2013
I think I found a really great gun accessory that works on every wii/wii u game (Archived)selfdeztruction11/8/2013
Sonic Colors 2 (Archived)talesfan21521/8/2013
Is Castlevania Shadow Man 2 coming to Wii U (Archived)bleedingelite61/8/2013
Nintendo Direct tomorrow, 6 am EST (Archived)
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Why the Wii is failing in my opinion. (Archived)
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Super Mario galaxy is best game of all time (Archived)
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Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 not coming to Wii U! (Archived)
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Wii U is going to start a new revolution in fun Local Multiplayer gaming. (Archived)Garfield6431/8/2013
ITT: your favorite game from the last 6 years is now a Wii U title. (Archived)3D_Shado31/8/2013
Is Mario a vegan? (Archived)
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Has everyone heard?the new God of War is not coming to Wii U...ouch! (Archived)
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Mario Kart 64 is the Club Nintendo Reward (Archived)
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So, good games to buy? (Archived)Zakuroo11/8/2013
I hope Nintendo provides a 4K update (Archived)
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Why would you want a system thats not much stronger than 360? (Archived)
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