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How many FLOPS can the Wii U push? (Archived)
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Has there ever been an exclusive Capcom title? (Archived)
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That's a lot of Gamecube games! O_O (Archived)Chenmaster2101/22/2013
What is your guys' favorite Nintendo first-party Wii U game out right now? (Poll)Solnot11/22/2013
Rumor: Wii U VC to be announced tomorrow? (Archived)
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OMG you guys Virtual Console! (Archived)
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POLL: Are you going to get the Orbis or Durango along with your WiiU? (Poll)
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Nintendo: port this to the Wii U and I will buy one. (Archived)DifferentialEquation51/22/2013
If you could begin work on 10 new Nintendo games right now, what would they be? (Archived)
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Virtual Console to be revealed tomorrow? (Archived)Cyclical81/22/2013
REPORT: Nintendo to make an announcement during Nintendo Direct tomorrow. (Archived)EternalWolf41/22/2013
Which of this franchises you would like to see in tomorrow's Nintendo Direct? (Poll)
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How do you rate the Wii U (hardware and available games) at this point in time? (Poll)HELZERO11/22/2013
Just bought one for New Super Mario Bros U (Archived)Auction Sniper51/22/2013
Resident Evil: Revelations is headed to 360, PS3, PC and WiiU 24/05/2013 (Archived)
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The Home button is disabled in far too many places... (Archived)Solid Sonic51/22/2013
Can you watch the Nintendo Direct live on the Wii U? (Archived)AbysmalTrinity41/22/2013
Fifth Wii U game bought. (Archived)MathewManson61/22/2013
So what big announcements have we had in Nintendo Directs? (Archived)Benzychenz51/22/2013
ND Announcement of accomplishment system? Heres to hoping... (Archived)
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