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Wonder what extra's the WIi U Version of Dead Space 3 will have if it gets (Archived)
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Why didn't Ubisoft still release it and do this instead... (Archived)WatagashiHair_12/8/2013
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Nintendo loses Bayonetta 2 just like Rayman Lengends and NG3 Razor's Edge (Archived)
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Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2 is out (Archived)
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Looking for friends for games and miiverse (Archived)Brent062012/8/2013
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List of upcoming Wii U exclusives? (Archived)
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So Hideki Kamiya all but confirmed that Bayonetta 2 IS Nintendo's game. (Archived)
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Nintendo should sue Ouya for copyright infringement. (Archived)Bancario5162/8/2013
so for who is the Wii U actually? (Archived)
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Can I get suspended for having "damn" in my ID? (Archived)TheGrumpyCat52/8/2013
60% weren't gonna buy Rayman Legends anyway (Archived)
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