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Guys, guys, bad news regarding Nintendo, Epic Games, and Unreal (Archived)Buretsu43/29/2013
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Tell me why anyone should care about any FPS's on any consoles when there is PC (Archived)
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According to the Chipworks Image PS4's L2 cache in CPU is too big meaning.. (Archived)
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To wiiU owners that don't have MH3U: (Archived)
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Will WIi U get Terraria? It's one of the best 2D games I've ever played (Archived)
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Is this an accurate depiction of the Wii U? (Archived)TheKing01243/29/2013
will the Wii U have battlefield 4 (Archived)
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Why hasnt Nintendo advertised much? (Archived)
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Anyone else excited for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut (Archived)DarthFloaty73/29/2013
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Loose SD Card Door (Archived)r3dh3r033/29/2013
Nintendo might be better off making games for Sony consoles. (Archived)
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Even if the Video Game industry crashes, Nintendo will still be here... (Archived)
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My two cents on NfS:MW (Archived)New Link13/29/2013
Newest upgrade information? Netflix seems improved (Archived)VashX53/29/2013
Some game engines, since so many are hung up on UE.... (Archived)darkqueenhelba13/29/2013
Miiverse Smartphone & Browser Versions This May; Miiverse 3DS Later (Archived)
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I'm so glad I held off on buying a Wii U (Archived)G1243103/29/2013
Not many good consoles games coming out till the fall (Archived)
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