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anybody actually work on real games??? (Archived)zado19511/27/2013
What's your favorite Wii U eShop game? (Archived)
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Nintendo is for everyone (Archived)
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why are all the "More from GameSpot" articles negative? (Archived)TonyWonder311/27/2013
The Wii U would sell better if more people bought it. (Archived)Tempest717611/27/2013
Please understand, this board is being flooded in identical topics. (Archived)segagamer111/27/2013
Any advantages for the Wii U Pro Controller over the Wii Classic Controller Pro? (Archived)ObjectiveLogic611/27/2013
Kickstarter for JRPG: Festival of Magic (Archived)
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any wii u pro controller black friday deals? (Archived)sonicrock211/27/2013
Wii U is still more of a must own console than PS4/Xbox One right now... (Archived)
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Would you be interested in a game similar to the Plinko game from Nintendo Land? (Archived)plasmatic5511/27/2013
Any Persona games coming to Wii U? (Archived)
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Maybe the Wii U would have had more success if it were sold at a lower price? (Archived)
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Nintendo should have name the Wii U "Wii 2" or something without Wii in it. (Archived)
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Considering getting a wii u... (Archived)
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How is COD (more specifically COD Ghosts) (Archived)
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You all know sm3dw has only been out 6 days in Japan right? (Archived)
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It seems like Nintendo is actually trying this holiday. (Archived)blablablax17511/27/2013
SM3DW scores big on famitsu this week. (Archived)Jonbazookaboz811/27/2013
Mario 3D World is getting universal praise and that alone will sell the game (Archived)
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