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Why can't Nintendo make decent sticks? (Archived)
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720 and psnot4 to have more than double the mass of WiiU, how can it compete? (Archived)
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Now I'm wondering why I even bought a HDD. (Archived)
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Have you used the Wii U Cam? (Archived)Jx1010612/31/2012
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what do people mean when they say "Nintendo should grow up"? (Archived)
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Happy New years Wii U board. And gamers. (Archived)Stealthlys612/31/2012
How can people say Nintendo is kiddie... (Archived)
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Questions about the update (Archived)ColorfulColors612/31/2012
Do you need Amazon Prime for Amazon Instant Video? (Archived)EstabIished612/31/2012
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In your opinion, do you believe third-party devs like Nintendo? (Archived)
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Wii U is better than PS3 and Xbox360 (Archived)
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So what's the next big games? (Archived)
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I Played a WiiU Today at Gamestop! (Archived)
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How to avoid the freezes? (Archived)
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Wii U should get a comic book app. (Archived)SnakeWesker512/31/2012