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Who else is going Wii U ONLY because of Sony and Microsoft's used game policies? (Poll)
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How's the Wii U so far? I want one eventually. (Archived)retrotator175/25/2013
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Can't connect to wifi, but my 3DS can. (Archived)zero_x30035/25/2013
Do you have to buy a membership to go online on the Wii U? (Archived)
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EA is like a bad ex GF (Archived)ArmorWolf0185/25/2013
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Eu and USA sales for week end May 18th (Archived)
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inb4 nintendo wins console war again because xbone internet connection (Archived)dacheatcode25/25/2013
Why hasn't there been fire emblem like dynasty warriors game? (Archived)
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I know a lot of you have seen this, but I hope Nintendo... (Archived)gameG3ni335/25/2013
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Let's share a little bit about our gaming! (Archived)
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