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Wii U is only $50 cheaper than PS4??? WTF (Archived)
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Post E3 Overused Words that are Used Wrong. (Archived)ZeroArchery36/11/2013
So where can we watch the rest of the Nintendo E3 events? (Archived)gg13216/11/2013
I know people like to jump the gun (Archived)wombatkidd16/11/2013
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Controversial Statement: The New Smash Bros games look better than Brawl did (Archived)
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wii u software showcase. (Archived)thefabregas2246/11/2013
Price Drop? (Archived)name_unknown16/11/2013
So with all the Wii U's power. All we get are 2D platformers? (Archived)ReadOnlyAccnt106/11/2013
How do you rate the ND? (Poll)fhsfootball74106/11/2013
is the 38min video the e3 conference? (Archived)Anitatakadum36/11/2013
Seriously Nintendo? Where is the next 2d Metroid coming out? (Archived)EGMRULZ16/11/2013
"That's the game Retro was working on" (Archived)
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LOL even Nintendo fans are bashing Nintendo's E3 Direct on Miiverse! xD (Archived)
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If Nintendo did an Ambassador program of 20 VC games for the Wii U... (Archived)DiscostewSM16/11/2013
Can someone sum up what Nintendo showed? (Archived)KazukiJurai96/11/2013
No wonder Nintendo is banking on Sonic Lost World... (Archived)
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What if... WiiU Zelda is sequel to "A Link Between Worlds" (Archived)
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Can I use the Wii U controller to play Wii games? (Archived)Soar_and_Key16/11/2013
I ask that you people take another look at the 3D World trailer. (Archived)Socran86/11/2013