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Do you want Kirby Wii U to be 2D or 3D? (Poll)
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Why do people keep thinking Nintendo will kill Atlus? (Archived)
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Least Favorite Console per Generation? (Archived)
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If Nintendo buys-out Atlus. (Archived)d_side97/28/2013
What are the bolded/hilighted titles in Wii U Upcoming Games indicating? (Archived)lonlonmilklover57/28/2013
Would you like to see a Tomb Raider-style Metroid reboot? (Poll)
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Monster Hunter U Time.... (Archived)Pete4160897/28/2013
Are there plans for a Mii Verse App? (Archived)Voelger47/28/2013
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ITT: things Nintendo has forgotten existed (Archived)
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Just bought a Wii U and looking for friends! (Archived)
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June 2013 NPD: All hardware sales, software bits (Archived)Nice_Kirbyfan987/28/2013
So did Nintendo kill the basic model? (Archived)SaintZetsu57/28/2013
Is there a workaround for a person in USA to get a download UK Pikmin 3 NOW? (Archived)
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Ok, totally hypothetical here but what would happen if... (Archived)monjamania200037/28/2013
I would pay five bucks to add online to VC games. (Archived)kuragari1anonly47/28/2013