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Wii U being vindicated (Archived)
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ATTN: Xenoform was all a lie (Archived)
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Shin'en says Wii U has enough power for years to come. (Archived)
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Remember when Mario used to sound like this (Archived)
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any one ever notice that (Archived)AceMos65/29/2013
Any problem if I choose to wait on porting over my Wii account to my Wii U? (Archived)shadestreet55/29/2013
RUMOR: Retro Studios IS working on a new IP. (Archived)
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What could nintendo have in store for next 3d mario (Archived)Freakzilla5105/29/2013
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Would you want Nintendo to create their own MLB game for Wii U? (Poll)
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Is Nintendo only showing one long Nintendo Direct on the day of E3? (Archived)Nintendoboy7755/29/2013
What game besides bayonetta would really cause strife (Archived)
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so what is the point of all the best buy demos if... (Archived)googler15/29/2013
These are the 89 Best Buys where you can play the E3 demos (Archived)
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Nintendo shop works but no video services? (Archived)deadpigs10125/29/2013
why doesn't the U spy on us like kinect (Archived)Genericgamer66755/29/2013
How can Nintendo boost player numbers for third party games? (Archived)
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