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i can't wait (Archived)StarBladeEdge42/1/2013
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Wii U 8GB with Nintendoland and Wiimote for $200. Good deal? (Archived)
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There's a key difference between "shipped" and "sold". (Archived)Chenmaster212/1/2013
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"Next-Gen" Graphics? (Archived)
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My Wiiu, it broke, IT DOESN'T work. (Archived)megamanx129132/1/2013
What game would you like to have a Wii U color scheme made for? (Archived)10000_needles12/1/2013
Im a Wii U (Archived)falcon71262/1/2013
What color is your Wii U console? (Poll)
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EU Guys, Zen Pinball 2 is out now! (Archived)TheStarCore82/1/2013
You think with the imminent PS4 launch announcement Nintendo will rush da games? (Archived)
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