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So no F Zero. Star Fox, Metroid or Mario Kart release date.............EvVv3612/18/2013
After watching the Nintendo Direct I feel dumb now lolstalmaster312/18/2013
i hope we see snes/n64 remix nextbig_pimper512/18/2013
1-Hour with DKC Tropical Freeze (GameXplain)duderdude3412/18/2013
Hype cannot be contained for Hyrule Warriors.NickTheBlitz212/18/2013
Lack of release dates is disappointing :(super_luigi16912/18/2013
Did everyone else miss this from the direct?
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Seems like there is a lot of possibilities with Hyrule Warriorsjeffmusta712/18/2013
Just watched the Direct. Great job Nintendo!iKhan88212/18/2013
So, what was your favorite part of the Direct?Transdude412/18/2013
Are the NES Remix stamps usable on any Miiverse board?mcnichoj112/18/2013
Rubric for how to predict the quality of a Nintendo Direct
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I wish Golden Sun Dark Dawn would come to VC
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The Legend of Zelda: Sapphire Scarf SmackdownMechaKirby112/18/2013
Windwaker Wii UC Redfield212/18/2013
Do you think the Luigi statue will go out of stock soon?KenshinXSlayer412/18/2013
If Nintendo had announced Hyrule Musou on VGX instead...GigantLuffy112/18/2013
Hyrule Warriors makes me wonder...How about other Nintendo Mash-ups?AirBorneCoffeeT912/18/2013
What is your favorite niche game or franchise
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the year of luigi award is up on club nintendo!
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