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What game will highlight the wii u's capabilities? (Archived)Murderstorm11794/27/2013
Top 5 things I do not like about the Mario franchise (Archived)
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how long did the new update take you (Archived)
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How do you see what games your friends are playing in your friends list? (Archived)Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX34/27/2013
Wait... what just happened? (Archived)
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The new update makes the games load longer (Archived)
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I explain why the WiiU is not a failure & why Iwata is not a failure... (Archived)SadLink74/27/2013
Wii U, Nintendo and the Smell of Death (Archived)
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Would You Like To See The Ultima Series Return On The Wii U? (Poll)Transdude14/27/2013
The current state of Nintendo. (Archived)
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Mario Kart will increase Wii U sales greatly (Archived)
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How can people hate on the WiiU? (Archived)kingbadjo44/27/2013
can the gamepad be turned off while playing vc games? (Archived)gotspork94/27/2013
People are really complaining about the 4:3 display of VC games? (Archived)OzzieArcane34/27/2013
i would kill for this to be released on the Eshop (Archived)FFXIgaiaknight34/27/2013
VC up in UK yet? (Archived)Lozh90034/27/2013