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So apparently the wii u isn't the only console not to sell out. (Archived)
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This is how Nintendo makes music! Recording session for Mario 3D World! (Archived)RahzarX211/14/2013
Anyone else reminded of Mario 128 during that section of footage? (Archived)Dark Z3ro311/14/2013
Just scored a new NSMB Wii U bundle for $264, flat. (Archived)JiZamez211/14/2013
Nintendo needs to release all their games at once, not spread them out. (Archived)
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IGN just confirming what we already suspected (Archived)
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Club Nintendo Question (Archived)gvamp211/14/2013
how is wiiu's 3rd party support so far? will it get better in the future? (Archived)1NN0VAT0R1011/14/2013
This needs better players (Archived)Radbot42511/14/2013
I'm trying to sell my Wii U is this to much or should i lower it? (Archived)
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What horrible nes game awaits us in VC for PS4 launch (Tommorow)? (Archived)
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I love the pro controller, the only problem is that the triggers are clickers. (Archived)VoidBeyond411/14/2013
Need help! Special internet situation (Archived)Nejuf511/14/2013
Name you're favorite Wii U games (Archived)segagamer911/14/2013
Oh god the beeping... (Archived)
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TwitFAQs (Archived)CubeTV411/14/2013
Any news on North America getting the high-capacity Gamepad battery replacement? (Archived)diggyfresh311/14/2013
Animal Crossing U should have local multiplayer. (and other ideas! ) (Archived)omniryu711/14/2013
how to turn the Wii U situation around (Archived)omniryu711/14/2013
Anyone watching the PS4 live stream event on there Wii U right now? (Poll)
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