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Strongly consider Splinter Cell (Archived)
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Potential warning for Wii Mode after update (Archived)MilesTeg42059/30/2013
Mighty No. 9 concept video (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Darkwing EXE279/30/2013
Wii VC games now in correct OAR (Archived)Kungfu_Hero79/30/2013
I wish you could stream Wii games to WiiU Pad (Archived)TurtlePowah99/30/2013
My personal favorite part of the update isn't Gamepad Wii Mode... (Archived)
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How does image uploading work? (Archived)Weltall54839/30/2013
ALL OG Wii games have now been made portable, thanks to the GamePad!!! (Archived)lp91379/30/2013
If you have WII U Digital money... (Archived)NeoMonk39/30/2013
So even Wii games that dont need a Wiimote require it for Wii U off TV play? (Archived)Shovel_Break109/30/2013
If I get a WiiU... (Archived)firestorm930579/30/2013
what can I carry over from my Wii to the Wii U? (Archived)PrettyBoyMarth69/30/2013
so...eu got new eshop music? (Archived)YoyokuKO19/30/2013
I think the time has finally come....to transfer my WiiWare/VC titles... (Archived)Lord_Diablo1319/30/2013
how to play xenoblade on your gamepad as a handheld (Archived)hydrocrush29/30/2013
SPECIAL SONIC LOST WORLD PRE-ORDER BONUS: Omochao! (Archived)Transdude89/30/2013
Developer tools added to browser. (Archived)Paddle00819/30/2013
how does your wii u collection look like? (Archived)
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Have the load times been addressed even further? (Archived)spealfan44439/30/2013
Wii U system update allows Wii Off TV play (still need Wiimote to play) (Archived)
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