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An underpowered system in theory should mean it's more efficient at development. (Archived)
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Nintendo should make a gritty realistic mature FPS (Archived)
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Your opinion: Should Nabbit appear in more Mario games? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman86/29/2013
Why would Mother 3 need a sequel? (Archived)
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Did you like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? (Archived)
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I want Kingdom Hearts III on Wii U! (Archived)
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Is wiishopexpress a legit site? (Archived)linkboy44746/29/2013
For all you married Wii U owners out there.... (Archived)
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Between Nintendo and Sony, who has the better relationship with Atlus? (Poll)
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Game and Wario is a meh $40 game though a GREAT $20 game, so, Nintendo... (Archived)
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Describe the 3 consoles as countries. (Archived)
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It looks like you can pre-order Soul Saga on the Wiiu! (Archived)hydradragon96/29/2013
Are you looking forward to wii U party!? (Archived)lastofus199966/29/2013
Do you think NSLU retail will be rare one day? (Archived)Archsaze56/29/2013
Based on Sakurai's interview, are you concerned about online connectivity? (Archived)
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Do you like it when story and cutscenes get in the way of gameplay? (Archived)m3dworld76/29/2013
There really need to be a Nintendo vs Capcom for Wii U (Archived)SuplexKirby26/29/2013
Would you actually want more grey looking shooters on the wii U? (Archived)m3dworld106/29/2013
The Asian and European Game Markets. (Poll)monkeyluv10176/29/2013
I would like Atlus to remain 3rd party, but If they do go first party..... (Archived)
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