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Will we see Regithis year? (Archived)
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VC is up (Archived)
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When Gamecube games come to Wii U VC... (Archived)MilesTeg42024/26/2013
The Wii U was created by Nintendo as a successor to the Wii. (Archived)IngSlayer84/26/2013
So your reaction? (Archived)
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Anyone else not getting the system update? (Archived)Poweranimals54/26/2013
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All next-gen gaming devices confirmed to be baby toys in 2015. (Archived)
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Why was the WiiU released without any of its major franchises? (Archived)
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What time can we expect the VC games and Panorama View on the EU eShop? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee44/26/2013
Deus Ex May 7th? Updated (Archived)
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WiiU did not meet expectations, people claim Wii is dead. (Archived)excitebike6454/26/2013
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