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The Asian and European Game Markets. (Poll)monkeyluv10176/29/2013
I would like Atlus to remain 3rd party, but If they do go first party..... (Archived)
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What happens if the internet cuts off while the console is standby downloading? (Archived)youraveragenerd76/29/2013
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Saying Atlus's games would get dumbed down by Nintendo is ridiculous! (Archived)
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Do you own the Metroid Prime Trilogy? (Poll)
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It looks like the Wii U's spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness lost a dev. (Archived)
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Which RPG company should Nintendo buy? (Poll)
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Guys it's not Nintendo's fault only games with Mario in them sell. (Archived)ImperfectFear46/29/2013
PREDICTION: Nintendo will stop making wii u and future consoles. (Archived)
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Nintendo hates their less popular series like F-Zero and Paper Mario. (Archived)
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A Pokemon game for Wii U that uses NFC... (Archived)
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