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Nintendo tries to use TVii to distract the masses from a lack of Wii U games.... (Archived)
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Just started up my Wiiu for the first time.. (Archived)
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What's the point of the Wii U Pro controller? (Archived)Tsutarja495812/21/2012
So now nintendo arent fixing the slow os :/ (Archived)Chargrilled1012/21/2012
how can I benefit from tvii if I only have Netflix? (Archived)BoosterBurst412/21/2012
Is that for the charging cradle? (Archived)Sailor Goon212/21/2012
I am open minded, recommend me games for the system? (Archived)IamAlegend2005512/21/2012
So, are you going to be listening to...... (Poll)spealfan444912/20/2012
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What is so bad about Mario? (Archived)
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My Wii U just bricked because its the 21st thread. (Archived)PrinceOfHot612/20/2012
What happened to my Wara Wara plaza? (Archived)SKStylez512/20/2012
thanks to tvii i might cancel direct tv (Archived)TheFallenPriest112/20/2012
Is this the first system to have shovelware as a launch title? (Archived)
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TVii remote have a back/exit button? (Archived)Lord_KronosIII412/20/2012
Anyone else return their Wii U? (Archived)
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TVii keeps changing the channel on my TV, not the FiOS box (Archived)AJBSONIC112/20/2012
What game would you recommend I buy with a Wii U? (Poll)
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The upcoming Japan release list is great. (Archived)Pesmerga255212/20/2012
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