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Wii owners, how many OS updates did the Wii get? (Archived)johnbrown91712/31/2012
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If you don't like the Wii U then why... (Archived)
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No multi platform releases after the console launch window (Archived)
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Capcom wanst to make new games for Wii U not ports. (Archived)
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Someone doesn't like the fact Nintendo Power ended. (Archived)
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Are digital downloads factored into sales numbers? (Archived)Dizzy_Kronic212/31/2012
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Wii U and gaming PC the way to go NEXT generation (Archived)
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Wii U connects to internet but not peripherals. (Archived)HonestAbe73612/31/2012
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What's with the apps that really don't do anything? (Archived)johnbrown91412/31/2012
Nintendo systems sell because they don't directly compete. (Archived)
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can you use point earned through delux wii u for 3ds? (Archived)dennis941012212/31/2012
Just bought a premium Wii U for 225GBP(75% of RRP) Will this deal be beaten? (Archived)David80008612/31/2012
POLL U: What JRPG do you wish the MOST for Wii U? (Poll)
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The fact that Darksiders II gets so close to being incredible.... (Archived)
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You can play Wii games when using the HDMI output, right? (Archived)Ultimate_Umbreo712/31/2012