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Virtual Boy titles should be released for the Wii U Virtual Console (Archived)nuskooI95/18/2013
Nintendo should beg to Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV or Versus for Wii U (Archived)
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New Super Luigi U: Download or Retail? (Poll)
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you know, I think Nintendo is kind of missing the point with NSLU (Archived)Big_Isaac65/18/2013
Nintendo, stop stealing franchises. (Archived)
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Let's talk about the price(s) for New Super Luigi U. (Archived)
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Why do so many third parties hate the WiiU? (Archived)
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Has the West declared war on Nintendo? (Archived)
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An example for those not understanding the LP Problem (Archived)
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Retro need to bring 2 iconic chareacters together in one game. (Archived)
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What's wrong with Iwata's eye? (Archived)JunDageki85/17/2013
never knew EA was such a beloved company before today (Archived)Genericgamer66755/17/2013
What's worse: Windows 8, or the Wii U? (Archived)
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Wonder why Nintendo just doesn't the demos up on the eshop instead of best buy (Archived)
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To Wii U owners: If EA actually releases a multiplatform game for Wii U... (Poll)
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New ND??? (Archived)
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How often are games avaialbe at E3 made availabe at retail stores? (Archived)_Falstaff35/17/2013
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If the Wii U gets GBA games, what do you want? (Archived)Sharky855/17/2013
The "Let's Play" Issue: a reason for the rage & Potential Slippery Slope? (Archived)fawfulmark215/17/2013