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It's funny always seeing "Wii U in trouble for sales" when...... (Archived)SoincMetal49/24/2013
With WW HD coming out/being out... (Archived)KittenLina19/24/2013
Anyone elses wii u freeze in the internet browser? (Archived)
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gamepad is great. Ponies sure like rehashed controllers! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
If you use headphones on the gamepad.. (Archived)master_chief_8249/24/2013
Two new Wii U bundles launching in Japan from $320 (Archived)
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Been playing WW on GCN via component cables as I wait for the retail HD version. (Archived)
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YOUR top 3 favorite Wii U games (Archived)
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I am not happy with Gamefly. (Archived)fon198839/24/2013
The Wii U Pro Controller (Archived)MarksmanR79/24/2013
Wii games looking worse? (Archived)
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My Wii U is collecting massive dust... (Archived)
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This is the last week for Mighty no. 9! (Archived)S_Fox39/24/2013
People have been asking for Mario to be more realistic, here is the first step (Archived)Transdude89/24/2013
Need to decide between a Wii U and a 3DSXL (Archived)
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Nintendo should offer an official "ZQuest" (Dungeon Creator) (Archived)ReachOutToTruth19/24/2013
Just got my Wii U - oh gosh! (Archived)
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If GTA 5 was exclusive to Wii U, would it help Wii U's sales a lot? (Archived)
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rayman has a great system to keep you playing (Archived)wonderful12149/24/2013
which platform did Rayman Legends do best on? (Archived)cybersonic23329/24/2013
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