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nintendo seriously turned up the heat with these recent developments (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami91/24/2013
Is it just me, or does the tablet controller die awfully fast? (Archived)szunega51/24/2013
Will wii u get mature rpgs? (Archived)
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now we need to find out what mistwalker and retro are up to ; D.. (Archived)moogle6931/24/2013
Any word on if Nintendo will release a patch to fix Overscan issues??? (Archived)wvu978781/24/2013
So, for the people who thought the ND was a disappointment... (Archived)
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Is Zelda:SS really that terrible, or is it an over-exaggeration? (Archived)
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Is Balloon Fight the only VC game to download on the Wii U VC? (Archived)Chenmaster281/24/2013
I cant buy a wiiU unless Nintendo gets an exclusive Souls game (Archived)
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So just got around around to watching all the trailers from today.... (Archived)Homie_20261/24/2013
I've been busy with school/work lately, what have I missed so far? (Archived)RemixDeluxe41/23/2013
More importantly, this new Zelda sounds interesting (Archived)
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Can you disable / deactivate Miiverse? (Archived)Auction Sniper31/23/2013
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Man, when I saw Atlus pop up on my screen (Archived)-NotoriousLynx41/23/2013
Your Reaction: Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, HAL Laboratories . . . (Archived)
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Nintendo said there will be more crossover games in the Future? (Archived)
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think takahasi will ever make another story heavy thought provoking game? (Archived)Ocarina of Time31/23/2013
New Wind Waker HD Remake on Wii U in Autumn 2013 (Archived)cwg40351/23/2013
Wii to Wii U connection problem. (Archived)horror13h41/23/2013